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Your customers and potential customers can no longer visit your site. It is gone. They are now being redirected to your less detailed Google Business listing instead … but only for a few weeks. After that, the redirect will stop altogether. If you don’t have a new website by June 10th, users will get a “page not found” error when attempting to visit your site.

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Top quality, cost effective, responsive web design

We build sites better, faster, and cheaper than the others. We provide WordPress design and website management in North Florida and South Georgia.

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Google sent an email in early January announcing that they would be shutting down all sites built with their Google Business Profile or Google MyBusiness service. On March 5, thousands of sites in our area were removed from the Internet (see announcement here).

If you are reading this, you likely had a website with an address ending in “,” that is no longer available. Until June, Google will automatically point your old web address to your Google Business Profile, but after that it will no longer go anywhere.

It is hard to trust a company whose website returns a “Page Not Found” error. To keep this from happening, you should create a new site using a domain name that you own. Then you should replace the old URL with this new one in your Google Business Profile listing, your facebook page, other social media sites, and anywhere else you list your website.

We are ready and willing to help.

We can help you create a new site quickly. We may be able to recover the content from your old site via Internet archive tools. If so, we can create a new site that matches your old one for $250. Or we can work with you to create a new modern, more robust site for $750. We also offer several different options for ongoing hosting, maintenance, and content updates.

Google Business Profile sites shut down
We can take care of all the things that you will need to prepare as your current site goes away:
  • Register a new domain name of your choosing that you, rather than Google, own
  • Duplicate your existing site or build you a modern, more robust site
  • Host the new site on secure, cloud-based servers
  • Ensure the site looks great on all browsers and platforms including desktops, tablets, and mobile devices
  • Maintain backups, 24x7 monitoring, and modern security protocols
  • Provide ongoing access to a support team to help with site changes or content updates
Dedicated Support

Once the new site is launched, it will be key to update the information at your Google Business Profile (formerly called Google My Business), your social media accounts, and your email signature. We can assist with any of these processes.

Email Questions

You can continue using the same email service, such as gmail, but the email records will need to be updated at your domain name registrar in the DNS records. If we are helping you acquire a new domain, we would make that change at that time. Again, we can assist in this process.

Location Matters

Just like you, we are a local business, so we understand the frustration such an abrupt change can cause. We are web developers, so this change is less stressful for us … but if mission-critical services that we rely on went away, we’d be confused too. I hope we can help.

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